NSW Cancer Research Education (CREd) Portal

The NSW Cancer Research Education (CREd) Portal supports knowledge-sharing and collaboration between cancer researchers across the state. The CREd Portal is a SharePoint site hosted by NSW Health that provides a space for coordination of education activities and resources.


Consumer Engagement Resources & Remuneration

Sydney Cancer Partners provides education, resources and funding for our members to engage with consumers at all stages of research. Current guidelines suggest that it is good practice to offer consumers involved in research compensation for their time. Sydney Cancer Partners support these guidelines and have established a process to help researchers by facilitating payment (honorarium) for consumers as well as reimbursement for certain expenses incurred. The aim of this support is to primarily fund cancer research project design and to assist with engaging consumers for grant submission.

Conference Reports

NSW Cancer Conference HDR Student and ECR Reports

Sydney Cancer Partners, with support from the Cancer Institute NSW, provided registration funding to Higher Degree Research Students and Early Career Researchers to attend and present their work at the inaugural NSW Cancer Conference 2022. Conference reports and posters are available to view, giving an insight into the current research being undertaken by our student and ECR members as well as event highlights and members’ experiences attending this two day in person event.

Partner Resources

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