Help finding consumers

The following organisations assist with connecting researchers to relevant consumers. Please get in touch if you need any assistance finding a consumer for your research project.

Consumer Involvement in Research Resources

Who are consumers?

We are all health consumers and those involved in cancer research usually have a unique cancer story. Unlike clinicians and researchers who study hard to become experts in their field, health consumers are experts by experience. Experiences do not have to be traumatic or negative, and can include carers and family members. Health consumers have a whole life of experiences they can contribute, not just their disease. Consider including multiple consumers in your research for diversity and peer support and someone who represents a group and/or is well networked.

Consumer involvement in research is an active partnership between a trained and informed consumer and a researcher to shape decisions about research priorities, practices and policies or service delivery. It is a two-way interaction and is about doing projects ‘WITH’ or ‘BY’ consumers, rather than ‘to’ or ‘about’ them. It is not just a name on a grant application. 

Explore the following resources to learn more about the importance of involving consumers in your research, examples of how it has been done well, toolkits, training, resources, education and more.