Session Information
The PREDICT program, funded by Cancer Council NSW, aims to develop a personalised chemotherapy dosing system for cancer patients to improve quality of life, reduce side effects and increase chance of survival.

Current chemotherapy dosing is imprecise and not personalised. It is estimated that 20-30% of patients receiving chemotherapy will receive a dose that is too high for them, and 20-30% will receive a dose lower than what is needed for optimal effectiveness. By monitoring chemotherapy levels early in treatment, clinicians will be able to adjust doses to achieve the ideal blood level. This will lead to direct and significant benefits for patients across wide population groups including enabling greater accessibility for rural and remote patients.

Speaker. Professor Jennifer Martin, Chair of Clinical Pharmacology, The University of Newcastle
Facilitator. Professor Nikola Bowden, Co-Director of the Centre for Drug Repurposing, University of Newcastle and Chief Investigator, NSW Regional Cancer Research Network