Location: Club Parramatta

Who is the workshop for:
Consumer representatives, clinician researchers, and other researchers across Sydney Health Partners who have had some experience with consumer and community involvement in health research or have attended the ‘Introduction to Consumer Involvement in Health Research training’.
The 4-5 hour face-to-face workshop brings researchers, clinician researchers, and consumers together to work on the ‘when, what and how’ of partnering with consumers and the community in health and medical research. The workshop is co-facilitated by a researcher and a consumer.

Workshop aims:
For all participants to
1. Develop in-depth understanding and practical skills on the ‘how and why’ of implementing consumer involvement in research
2. Consider how they can design specific places in research for consumers and researchers to partner together

Learning outcomes:
At the completion of this workshop participants will be able to demonstrate:
1. Comprehension of CCI considerations and guiding principles
2. Identification of how these could be operationalised in research situations
3. Recognition of specific opportunities for consumer involvement across different research study types
4. Practical solutions to enabling meaningful and sustained consumer involvement
5. Awareness of the range of resources/tools available to support collaborative activities and how they could be applied in practice

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