Session Information
Lymphodepletion chemotherapy followed by infusion of T cells that are genetically modified to express a chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) targeted to CD19 is a novel therapy for patients with relapsed and/or refractory B cell malignancies. In this seminar factors associated with outcomes of CAR-T cell therapy in adult B cell malignancies will be discussed using data from a large phase I/II clinical trial of CD19 CAR-T cell immunotherapy (NCT01865617). The impact of lymphodepletion chemotherapy on CAR-T cell engraftment and immune rejection, mechanisms of failure of CAR-T cell immunotherapy, and ex vivo leukapheresis T cell and manufactured product characteristics associated with outcomes will be presented.

Speaker. Professor Cameron Turtle, CLEARbridge Chair of Cancer Immunotherapy, The University of Sydney
Facilitator. Associate Professor Emily Blyth, Clinical Lead, Immune Effector Cell Service, Blood Transplant and Cell Therapy Program, Westmead Hospital