Familial Cancer Syndromes and their Clinical Management
This webinar draws together interdisciplinary experts to focus on “Familial Cancer Syndromes and Clinical Management”, specifically to increase our understanding of inherited cancer risks and their clinical management skills. Our invited speakers will share insights into the research around the genetic basis of inherited cancer syndromes, including familial breast cancer and endocrine tumour syndromes, and the practical approaches and multidisciplinary perspectives that will contribute to the delivery of optimal care to individuals and families affected by familial cancer predisposition.

Tanya Dwarte. Genetic Counsellor, Hereditary Cancer Centre, Prince of Wales Hospital Sydney.
Dr Amanda Seabrook. Cancer Genetics Fellow, Prince of Wales & Royal Prince Alfred Hospitals Sydney.
Prof Ian Campbell. Head, Cancer Genetics Laboratory, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre; Professor, Sir Peter MacCallum Department of Oncology, The University of Melbourne. 

Dr Michelle Wong-Brown. Postdoctoral Fellow, School of Medicine and Public Health & HMRI Drug Repurposing and Medicines Research Program, University of Newcastle.