Educational Molecular Tumour Board.
The potential role of precision medicine in altering the poor outcomes in pancreas cancer.
Pancreatic cancer has a poor prognosis and an urgent need for new effective treatments. In this educational Molecular Tumour Board session, we will hear an update on the molecular features of pancreatic cancer and their relevance to clinical management. This will be followed by a series of informative case presentations with discussion from an expert multidisciplinary team. The session will give insight to the clinical interpretation of molecular data, its relevance in current practice and the opportunities it presents for improving pancreatic cancer outcomes.

Dr Frank Lin. Medical Oncologist and Clinical Informatician, The Garvan Institute of Medical Research.
Dr Milita Zaheed. Medical Oncologist, Prince of Wales Hospital
Dr John Grady. Senior Bioinformatics Software Engineer, The Garvan Institute of Medical Research.
Professor David Goldstein. Conjoint Clinical Professor, UNSW Sydney.

Clinical Professor Rosemary Balleine. Clinical & Strategic Partnerships Lead, Sydney Cancer Partners.

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